DJa's Memorial Flower Arrangements


What does Memorial Day mean to you?  Cook outs, parties, pool openings, day off work or day off school?  To my family, it has always been a day to honor those we have lost.  As long as I can remember, my parents have always taken time out of their day to visit the cemetery and place flowers at the graves of our loved ones.  It wasn't until Memorial Day 2004 that I truly understood this.  This was my first Memorial Day in which I had experience loss, as my grandfather had passed in December 2003.  This year I rode along with my parents as we visited aunts, uncles and my grandfather.  At each one my dad would clean the stone and even polish them.  The pride I had for my father grew with each wipe across the stone.  As he cleaned the stone, my mom would pull the weeds.  Once the area was cleaned, my mom would place the flowers on/at the stone.  The flowers were far more than a store bought arrangement, each one was custom made by my mom.  Every flower was picked special for each individual, including the color and type.  It took my mom hours to make the arrangements to match her memory of each love one.  This was one of the first years I truly helped my mom with the arrangements.  When it got to my grandfathers, I had such passion to make his beyond special.  With my mom by my side, we picked out every individual flower and placed it in it's perfect spot within the arrangement.  It was after we were finished that I realized my mom took great pride in every arrangement she made.  Over the course of the next 10+ years, we lost additional loved ones, which resulted in additional arrangements, all made with love.  I began to look forward to Memorial Day, as it was a time to reminisce our loved ones.  As we worked on the arrangements, we would share memories of our loved ones.  Then on Memorial Day, we would pack up all the arrangements and start the route to several cemeteries.  And just like we did in 2004, my dad would clean the stone while my mom would clean the weeds.  Then each arrangement that was made with love and purpose was placed at/on the stone.

It was no surprise to me, that in early 2016 my mom stated "we" were starting a business and it would be making memorial arrangements.  She had already put lots of thought into and was ready to launch.  So here we are today, DJa's Memorial Flowers.  We have several pre-made arrangements ranging from $25-60.  We also offer custom made arrangements.  We offer a variety of flowers, colors, sizes and shapes.  We make arrangements for more than just Memorial Day - Seasons, Christmas, Easter, Mother's/Father's Day, Birthdays.  We also offer baskets and wreaths arrangements that are ideal for funerals.